During the European Architecture Student’s Assembly, we studied how spaces and the field of architecture can be gendered. We have created a space for discussion and research around this question of space and gendered architecture. The workshop involved working on gendered spaces by designing and then building a modular and composite structure capable of adapting to several categories of environment and of accommodating different types of speech.

Together, we have built a nomadic discussion space inspired by the Red Tents movement. We have created the “Woman Cave”: a nomadic and therapeutic space to hold discussions on women and gender from a spatial perspective. As a form of protest, by occupying different spaces, the cave raises the question of the presence of women in spaces that are too often dominated by men.

Our discussion circle has changed places five times. It was above all a tool for experimentation. We carried the cave on our backs into the Alps and we conducted discussions and research in the Alpine territory.

Video of the presentation : https://youtu.be/pchyFsSVcSo Video of conclusion : https://youtu.be/WO9YT1so-c0

This workshop allowed us to lay the foundations of our Woman Cave collective. We have now published the book format of this space, bringing together researchers, architects and artists to deal with gender and space issues.

The Woman Cave was proposed for the «Festival for Creative Urban Living» organized by Raumlaborberlin, and won an honorable mention.